Commons Mobile App

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The App

The Commons Mobile App is a community-maintained app that makes it easy to upload your pictures to Wikimedia Commons. The app can be installed on any Android device and uses your Commons user account to upload photos.

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The Community

Join one of the largest photo and multimedia communities in the world. Wikimedia Commons is not only the image repository for Wikipedia, but an independent project that seeks to document the world with photos, videos and recordings.

The community organizes many annual events and contests, such as Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves Earth. By using the app you can easily take pictures when you come across a landmark that might be missing a picture, requires a different angle, or has not been photographed for a while. Also, you can learn about ongoing campaigns right from within the app!

Join Commons


Explore screen where users discover images from Commons.

Explore Commons New

Explore images featured in Commons right from the app. Further, you do not need an account to explore Commons or search it using the app!

Search screen where users search for images in Commons.

Search Commons New

Want to search for images in Commons? Now, you can do that using the Commons app! You can search both media and categories. Note that you do not need an account to search.

Upload images screen to upload images to Commons.

Upload your files anywhere

You can upload your pictures anywhere you have time. For example during the bus ride home from a photo trip.

Categorize upload screen to add categories to the image being uploaded.

Categorize your photos

Assign categories to your photos, which makes them easier for other people to find.

Commons app in the list of apps to share an image.

Upload by sharing

Start uploading images to Commons just by sharing them from your favourite gallery app. Just choose the Commons app from the list of apps and you'll directly get into uploading the image using the Commons app.

Nearby places missing image screen to discover places nearby that need images.

View nearby missing images

The app lets you view nearby missing images. This way you help out Wikipedia to have images for all articles, and you will discover beautiful places close to you.

Contributions screen which features users' contributions and ongoing campaigns.

View your contributions and ongoing campaigns New

The app shows all the uploads you have made to Commons. This is a great way to easily view your contributions. Further, you could get to know about ongoing campaigns from within the app. You can tap on the campaign banner in the app to learn more about it.

Installation & Usage

Installing and using the app is easy:

  1. Download Wikimedia Commons from the Google Play Store.
  2. Take a picture of something interesting.
  3. In your camera app, click to view the picture you just took.
  4. Press "Share".
  5. Select "Upload to Commons".
  6. You will have to log in for the first time (if you don't have an account, create one for free).
  7. Enter a caption and description for the picture.
  8. Enter relevant depictions and categories.
  9. Choose a license for the image being uploaded.
  10. Finish the upload.

Photo Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you to understand what photos the community is looking for. There is flexibility in these guidelines and they don't cover all cases. If you are unsure, just upload your photo and discuss it with the community.